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Sai Ram Dear Devotees,

“An urgent message for Shirdi Sai Darbar Devotees"

Only you can Save the Temple, Last 90 Days ( Feb 2020 -April 30th 2020)

As you probably know, we are fundraising to buy the current site for building a permanent home for BABA.

We have raised funds & only short of $620k,000.

Owner has given Last 90 days from Feb 2020 to raise the funds  by April 30th , 2020 or move out.

Can we count on you ?

We do not have any large donors who can give the money at a large scale or commit like other temples in the Bay Area. BABA has accepted only your donations so far and he has blessed us in abundance to sustain at this site.

we have looked around no place to move, only option left is to buy this place for Baba. 

So we would like to buy convenient this location to make a PERMANENT HOME for your beloved BABA.

Few of our devotees have been generous to give us amounts that are similar to what is spent on a vacation. Some were able to donate one month salary or 50% of one month salary, We all go on trips with our family spending at least $1K or more per trip. When we go to India or visit foreign countries we spend at least $10k per trip. So if we could spare what we spend on one trip this year and contribute $1K or whatever amount you can, this can help us quickly raise the $620k to buy this location. This will become a permanent home for BABA that would serve not only us but our next generation too!

When you take care of HIM, He will reward 100 times more! So please open your heart and wallet for finding a permanent place of worship for yourself and your future generations.

Any contribution however small helps.

Donations over $2001 will be honored with a plaque including donors name in the WALL inside temple.

Company donation

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If you would like to commit a future contribution, please let us know of the same so we can use that commitment to help with the escrow payment. RECURRING donation plans available by using paypal.


Donation using gofundme :

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Wall of donor Link :

Ways to Donate : go to

If you would like to discuss other options with us, please reach out to

Thank you,
Sai Sevak
Thank you all

Donation Options

  • Cash/ Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" in Any Donation box/Hundi inside Shirdi Sai Darbar Temple.
  • Credit/Debit card: Use Onsite Square Machine or Clover Terminal in the Lobby to Donate.
  • Mail Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" to temple address, 255 San Geronimo Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
  • PayPal / (Details on, use Any Donation option and add comments about the purpose.
    Or you can donate by using paypal to the temple email :
  • Stock transfer to non profit "Shirdi Sai Darbar Trading Account : 863062311" , "DTC : 0188"

All online donations and onsite Donations using Square/clover Machine does not require any other separate Receipt, As you already get a confirmation Receipt for the donations.

You can forward the confirmation emails to

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Law.

At The feet of master
Sai Sevak, Everything for Sai
Shirdi Sai Darbar & Bay Area Hindu Temple,
Temple address: 255 San Geronimo Way Sunnyvale ca 94085.
A 501 (C) Non Profit Organization, Fed Tax Id: 27 3235464, Tax Exempt 501(C)(3)