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Dear All Sai Devotees,


On Devotees demand, we are adding this portion of Sponsorship, Some of you wanted to sponsor Baba Aarthi

Temple volunteers Performs All Aarthi’s, no need to inform Anyone in the temple, we just want to Provide this service, As we got request from Many devotees, they are interested in sponsoring Baba Aarthis, this way it will help temple in running the Temple operations & devotees will also get direct blessings from Baba.

Do your General Pray to Baba in the Mind by visualizing his image and Pray whatever you want from him & then go to any of the below Link of your choice of sponsorship.

You can put also in comments section of PayPal about aarthi sponsorship reason like example “My Kid birthday/Marriage/education/Job/” etc with date of your choice.

  Thursday :    All 4 Aarthis sponsorship = $404 Donate Now
  Kakad Aarthi Sponsorship $101.00 Donate Now
  Madhyan Aarthi Sponsorship $101.00 Donate Now
  Dhoop Aarthi Sponsorship $101.00 Donate Now
  Shej Aarthi Sponsorship $101.00 Donate Now

Disclaimer : Whatever we are writing is to inspire devotees towards Shirdi Sai Baba & Provide an opportunity to them to offer prayers to baba Directly or indirectly , None of this is written in any baba books, Its reader’s discretion to follow them or not.

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