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2024 Satyanarayan puja dates Monthly Pradosham RudraAbhishek Puja

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Donation Options:

  • Cash/ Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" in Any Donation box/Hundi inside Shirdi Sai Darbar Temple.
  • Credit/Debit card: Use Onsite Square Machine or Clover Terminal in the Lobby to Donate.
  • Mail Check in the name of "SHIRDI SAI DARBAR" to temple address, 255 San Geronimo Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
  • PayPal / (Details on, use Any Donation option and add comments about the purpose. Or you can donate by using paypal to the temple email : [email protected]
  • Stock transfer to non profit "Shirdi Sai Darbar Trading Account: 5456-3049 ", "DTC: 0164" & Brokerage Firm= Charles Schwab

All online donations and onsite Donations using Square/clover Machine does not require any other separate Receipt, As you already get a confirmation Receipt for the donations.

Find out if your company does the donation Matching and send email to [email protected], for any questions.

You can forward the confirmation emails to [email protected], if Amount is $2001 or more for wall of donor with Names you want on the wall.

Important Note

All 5 Donation options can be used if you want to pay for “wall of donor/Thursday Annadanam/ Temple construction/General Donation/Festivals Annadanam/Events Annadanam or Saturday & Sunday Annadanam”

Check out more details about “ wall of donor plaque category”:

You can use any of the 5 Listed Donation options for “Wall of Donor “also. Fill out “wall of donor form kept in the lobby area, mention the mode of payment. Put the square Receipt confirmation number in the wall of donor form and drop the form in any donation box. Take pictures of the documents and send email also: [email protected]

If you want to use check for “Wall of donor”, write check in the name of “Shirdi Sai Darbar” & fill out wall of donor form kept in the lobby area with details, fold both together and drop in any donation box inside shirdi sai darbar Temple.

Note: Shirdi Sai Darbar is a nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 27 3235464).

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Law.

Limited Time Only

Due to limited capacity of space on the wall and the fact that it will be filled very quickly, we encourage you to pledge/ make your donations as soon as possible. The program is being offered for a limited time for this same reason. This program will end on December 31st 2021 or when full capacity is reached (whichever comes first).

Devotees after donation Made for wall of donor, please forward donation proof with Names you want on plaque to [email protected] with Subject of email “Wall of Donor

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